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At #EUT we make testing easy.

About Our Company

EasyUserTest’s passionate team of experts and innovative thinkers lead the way to deliver best-in-class solutions that drive results. We provide UX insights for the world’s most innovative brands. The values that are behind the business and ending everything we do is to focus on accessibility and flexibility to bring a human-centered design process. Our commitment to quality and implementing industry best practices has helped us improve our services to our clients continuously.

Our Solution

Our solutions are perennial, advanced, and intelligently engineered to elevate your business value. EasyUserTest is an easy-to-use platform that helps you to validate your text & design decisions with real users. Our real human insights are for higher ROI faster than anyone else.

A little bit about Fabio Duo

The Story Behind #EUT

As an Entrepreneur with excellent skills in Software, Technology, Digital and Product Development. I am an expert in automating Traditional Business Processes through various Solutions to boost efficiency & Accountability of any Organisation.

I started my career at the age of 18 being part of a startup and then worked with several prestigious international brands. I played various roles in SaaS, Product, Digital Marketing, Market Research & Building Online Technology Solutions for various companies.

During the pandemic, I decided to help the internet world through Easy User Test platform to boost businesses with data and provide them what they are missing after putting efforts in every possible way. Having experience of more than 400+ project development and execution, I decided to uplift others with my expertise.

My analytical approach to identify gaps and provide solutions has been pivotal in driving impactful business results from a long-term perspective. Data is the key element, whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing. You need to garner every bit of your data to analyze objectively and make informed decisions and drive solutions. At EasyUserTest we Validate your text & design decisions with real users and Build Better Products & Experiences People Love.

At EasyUserTest,

We’re Makers for your brand building, user experiences and grow businesses.

Meet Our Team

We’re a distributed team on a mission to bring a human-centered design process, So you can create experiences that get real results through Validating your text & design decisions with real users.

Fabio Duo


Entrepreneurial, hands-on leader bringing a powerful track record of 20+ years of consistent success. An experienced professional with high personal integrity who creates trust with customers and colleagues, combined with a flexible approach and tenacity to manage multiple projects successfully. In addition to professional endeavors, I’m passionate about travel and making the world a better place.

Alex Kryvoshei

Technical project manager

Deep-set eyes burning with the passion and energy to do something different, having a Master’s in computer science with 15 years of experience in IT, a lead technical project manager, a digital thinker, programmer, strategist, and an eloquent speaker. Currently, my mission is to build a performant, scalable, and secure platform with the help of a fantastic team of engineers.

Mike Danthine

Project manager & consultant

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”, a quote by Albert Einstein, today forms the foundation of my reasoning. People say that I am loud and hyper energetic BUT like they say, “The world belongs to the energetic” and I am definitely here to to prove that right! An extremely enthusiastic and passionate marketing professional. I love developing out of the box and purpose driven solutions!

Real human insights
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