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Why do we use it?

Easy User Test has been making waves in the industry with its innovative user testing tool that offers the simplest way to test text and design. It features a Remote Testing solution that administers message testing for websites, ads, and email copy to present data on how an audience understands a text and design.

Easy User Test is a user testing tool that offers the easiest way to test your text and design with real users. Real human insight can be obtained within 12-48 hours, empowering a host of professionals with fresh, authentic data to inform their products or services. Website usability testing, social media post testing, ad campaign testing, prototype testing, and information architecture testing prove increasingly valuable for maximising conversions and uncovering opportunities.

Easy User Test offers a wide array of advantages through validating text & design decisions with real users that can help businesses in the long run. The benefits include a fresh take on an app, website, or product, a thriving resource of quantitative and qualitative data, and task-specific data that tells product managers how well and how quickly users can reach intended outcomes.

The platform permits targeted testing for websites, ads, and email copy, allowing customers to learn how their audiences perceive their messages by compiling data into accessible reports that bridge the connection between what people think, feel, say, and do. Testing can be conducted remotely for any HTML interface on any internet-enabled device.

We deliver feedback from the target group as per the selection made during the setup. You can leverage a participant pool of over one million users and test your website, app or prototype with real people. Our participant pool is profiled, high quality and fast. The average study is completed in under 2 hours. Filter participants using 100+ demographic screeners (e.g., sex, age, nationality, first language).

“EasyUserTest has been trusted by designers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketers around the world.” Traditional user testing takes lots of expertise, time, and money, but EasyUserTest has created a standardized test that is affordable and can be set up in minutes.

FABIO DUO, CEO, Easy User Test