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The Easy User Test gives you the answers to the questions why something happens on your site, while Analytics tells you what happens on your site. We help you to uncover opportunities and reveal the areas of confusion. When you combine these two, You’re more close to the conclusion of why it is happening, and you know how to change it for the best.

Analysis and testing lie at the heart of Easy User Test #EUT.

If you have determined with the help of Analytics that at certain points your conversion is not working as desired, the neutral view and the evaluation of your target group will help you depending on your ongoing analysis and strategic requirement, to make the necessary changes at the decisive points.

Yes! It can be used to generate clarity about the next steps in product development. This happens by using the insights from a quantitative point of view and also from a qualitative point of view. This includes the development reports that help to analyses previous and potential customer-specific needs based on business case documents.

Remote testing is done in a natural environment, it is much more realistic in terms of specific activities and broad categories of analysis. People usually in labs, aren´t as relaxed and emotionally open as they are in their own rooms. Therefore, the text behavior is closer and to real interaction than it is in the laboratory. Furthermore, we offer different levels of insight that monitored with ease, The Easy User Test consumes only a small part of the cost than a lab test, and last but not least, no long planning phases are necessary. We create the questionnaires on our part. Finally, you receive the result from us within 3 days and can therefore test much more flexibly during your process.

The servers are located in Switzerland and we guarantee Swiss data protection regulations. We store your data for a maximum of two years considering the business value of data is critical, as per our storage strategy after the time period of 02 years, it is going to be deleted.

Yes, everything that has a data upload or a URL can be tested. If you need more specific tests, we have custom offerings in our enterprise package, please write to us about the services you are interested in.

One must go for…Website redesign is one of the detailed processes of revamping your site. It is recommended as the safest way to find out which elements you should keep or move away from.

According to a formula by Nielsen and Landauer, the necessary number of testers can be calculated as a function of the probability of detecting an error. This formula is based on the fact that errors are detected with a probability of 31%. Thus, it is generally concluded that with as few as 5 test persons, 84% of the overall problems will be detected. In another formula by Spool and Schröder, the probability of detecting an error is 10%. Thus one would need 15 test persons to discover 84% of the total number of errors.

Thus, depending on the complexity of the question, there are recommendations to select between 5-15 testers to reach the 84%. To be on the safe side, we recommend our large package and running as many small tests as you can afford.

Agencies and online shops use the Easy User Test to optimize the conversion rate. So one can detect usability problems and also find out hypotheses for ongoing AB Tests. The Easy User Test is used agile in product development to identify usability problems early while his ongoing development process. Furthermore, web developers use pre and post usability tests to monitor their redesign. In the B2C market, the use of usability tests is a highly valuable asset for all kinds of digital applications, including apps etc. Usability testing is all about getting real people to establish a connection and interact through various platforms to observe their behavior, So the application possibilities are various.

Heatmaps is the method of understanding how visitors interact and it only provides information about where attention is directed to. Our Easy User Test provides therefore answers about why the user paid specific attention to it, or whether it was misleading or confusing for him. At #EUT we work on stats and interest-based upon, Vertical, and horizontal correlation between mouse movement and eye-tracking.

An AB test is a quantitative analysis while a usability test is a qualitative analysis. We recommend running the #EUT Easy User Test before each AB Test to run a more targeted and therefore more effective AB Test afterward. It will help you to determine your target audience, set your criteria for product & services.

Placement of text and its purpose creates an image of your product in your target customer’s mind. The Internet is easier and more convenient than it was ever before. Therefore, this raises user expectations: if a text is misunderstood or an inappropriate image is used, users lose interest very quickly. Testing allows customer input right from the start and so that you can adapt your content perfectly to the user’s needs and provide the effective answer of what do you do?”

It is the kind of text that often makes us feel a responsibility to it. We Analyse all the possible scope of development, today it is essential to present information in the simplest, and most beautiful way, which tends to appeal to our emotions, our feelings. Feedback from test subjects provides you as a company a competitive advantage, along with the testing, you get immediate feedback on whether your text is understandable and serve the purpose.

You receive both Customer-Centric qualitative and in some ways as well quantitative feedback. Our experts will evaluate content for attractiveness and comprehension. In addition, Team EUT (Easy User Test) will share qualitative feedback in the form of text, so that you have a concrete basis for making adjustments.

In the ongoing journeys, we are committed to expanding our services in every possible way through our testing strategy, performance, and obtaining feedback from our clients. We implement ideas quickly and effectively over Email and AD Testing, which is our latest tool in the process to develop, and much more forms of testing in the place that will help us to provide our client covering from the micro to overall complete report. This is to include in the existing offerings following the latest updates and trends in virtual space.

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