Learn how David @Kontxt validates landing page with Easy User Test

David Bodin
Easy User Test is fast and simple. Receive speedy and relevant feedback from your target audience with just a few clicks. It doesn’t get easier than this. DAVID BODIN DAVID BODIN Founder & CEO at

Easy User Test is fast and simple.

What was the challenge you tried to solve? is an entirely new way to interact on the web so it was important to verify that site visitors clearly understood the landing page. Since is a general technology, it was also possible to gauge interest across various combinations of target audiences.

Did Easy User Test solve the challenge?

This was an important problem and a big challenge since it was a new product built by a small team. But Easy User Test empowered us to collect the feedback we needed to improve the copy and order of information on the site.

How would you rate the value?

The cost pays for itself. Your product needs to be understood by your target audience or it will fail. Test early, test often. There’s no substitute for honest feedback from real users in your target audience.

How were the overall results and feedback? Has it been valuable?

Overall, I was impressed with the feedback. Most responses verify what you test, and some have exceptional suggestions. Naturally, some questions were misunderstood, but it’s reflective of how real users truly see your product, which is useful to know. The format of the feedback was helpful to quickly see general trends, but also to deep dive into specific responses.

Did we meet your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations. It’s fast, simple, and useful. It does what it says it will do, and it does it well.