Learn how Fabian @WeAreYork validates design concepts with Easy User Test

I can entirely recommend Easy User Test to anyone trying to improve content or design for internal presentations or to agency clients. FABIAN WERLEN, FABIAN WERLEN, Partner at We Are York GmbH

Easy User Test made the process so easy!

What was the challenge you tried to solve?

When we start with a design concept, we rely on best practices rather than gut feelings. A website should be beautiful, deliver results, and pursue a goal. Therefore, user surveys are necessary. What is and isn’t good? Does the customer have the same understanding we do? For time or budget reasons, we often do without user surveys for smaller projects… With you, we can now get a valuable and representative user test in a very short time (12 hours).

Did Easy User Test solve the challenge?

It was straightforward. I was amazed at how intuitive it was to use Easy User Test for the first time. First, I didn’t know what was being tested or queried. However, the answers were very helpful.

How would you rate the value?

Excellent value. I don’t know of any comparable offer on the market.

How were the overall results and feedback? Has it been valuable?

It was near-perfect. There were some answers on one subject that I did not understand. But the rest of the responses were meaningful.

Did we meet your expectations?

My expectations were low because I had already tried a few ineffective tools. Easy User Test more than met my expectations.