Learn how Jonathan @Slickdeals validates the website to ensure everything works and looks the way it should with Easy User Test

Jonathan Beer
I absolutely recommend Easy User Test. It’s simple and quick, and results come fast. Whether its your first ever design test or you’re already a pro, it’s literally as it says – easy. JONATHAN BEER JONATHAN BEER Marketing at Slickdeals

I absolutely recommend Easy User Test.

What was the challenge you tried to solve?

Our UX and design team is not always available to perform research studies and find out what is working, and with hundreds of auto-generated pages on our site, it’s not always feasible for them to recognize exactly what has changed when another team performs an action. Easy User Test solves that so anyone in marketing can run one, even if it’s their first time.

Did Easy User Test solve the challenge?

It’s really simple – selecting portions of the page for review and user segmentation is literally drag and drop. I especially appreciated the prebuilt option, when you have hundreds of pages on a site to review having an existing audience is excellent to just click and go.

How would you rate the value?

While I don’t work with user testing projects day to day, our team does think the pricing was excellent.

How were the overall results and feedback? Has it been valuable?

The results are great – they come back really quickly. While not every respondent understands every question, that’s true of any user testing service. The quality for the turnaround time and price is on par with much more expensive services that take longer.

Did we meet your expectations?

Absolutely. Our product team was really shocked at the turn time and the detail in the results we got, so I am super happy with the results!